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PondLife was basically set up to help musicians sell their albums.  We are particularly interested in the UK festival scene, and probably the greener end of it.  Finally, we are Glastonbury-based, so local is good.

If you've got an album you think might work here, or if you've got a friend who once made one which could fit the bill, or, even better, if you want to make one for us, then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.  We are not going to post every album we're offered, but we will give it a spin!

Once part of the Pond, all sorts of interesting things can happen, from complete obscurity and zero royalties a year to marketing, radio play and signing with a major.  The formula is yours to choose.

All tracks remain copyright of the artists, and we promote an honest download policy.

Many Puddles make a Pond, and many Ponds an Ocean, you Sea?
We’re always looking for new tracks to tantalize your delicate ears, so please do contact us if you wish to add your voice to our dawning chorus.