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Little is known of life BP (before Pondlife).  We do know that it rained a lot, and that puddles formed, eventually becoming the Pond.  Somehow, incredibly, in this primordial soup, perhaps triggered by melodic intervals, life began to stir, very slowly sense its environment, move around a bit, fall in love and hum to itself.

The next stage in the story is unclear.  Experts believe that blobs of proto-pond life finally began to aggregate, co-operate and merge into the living, loving, vibrant and sustainable PondLife structures we know today.

Latest reports suggests that more PondLife is evolving each day and indeed many thousands of elusive 'visitors' have been catalogued so far.  Initial findings show all these wonderous beings have a highly developed sense of musical taste and are showing positive signs of extreme grooviness.  Our welly-wearing research team is confident that with continuing exploration whole new areas of the Pond will reveal new and ever more fab discoveries.