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The Ballinsky Project

The Ballinsky Project is the latest musical collaboration from singer-songwriter Nathan Ball, formerly of the band Nayfumble. Nathan started gigging in 2001 and his intricate, finger-picking guitar style and poetic lyrics quickly made him popular on Manchester ’s acoustic scene; just six months after he first performed live, he won the North-West songwriting competition. After moving southwards in 2002, Nathan embarked on his first collaborative effort - the four-piece Nayfumble – however, despite some excellent reviews and an increasingly busy schedule, Nayfumble disbanded in 2005. Since then, Nathan has focused on developing his own unique style, playing at festivals through the summer and at venues in England and Ireland the rest of the year. The Ballinsky Project combines Nathan's distinctive melodies and engaging lyrics with the graceful tones of the cello played by accomplished cellist Adrianne Wininsky, also formerly of Nayfumble. 

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