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Seize the Day

are a professional and innovative front-line band whose live concerts are exciting, moving and inspirational.  The last few years have seen Seize The Day play their unique brand of contemporary folk music to broad and enthusiastic audiences at British, American, Indian and European festivals.

In April 2002 they returned from spending three months on a musical campaign tour promoting sustainable organic agriculture in India.  They travelled around the rural villages of Andhra Pradesh supporting farmers and performing to policy makers to reject GM technology and western control. This year the gm cotton farmers who didn't heed their words discovered that their gm cotton harvest failed spectacularly costing many of them their businesses, tragically underlining the concerns we raised ..  Christmas was spent supporting the Peace Movement in the West Bank, and facilitating Palestinian access to basic services such as water. 

Seize The Day’s previous USA tour included a range of concerts supporting the Small and Family farmers Alliance in addition to fund raising for environmental campaigning organisations and challenging the American biotech industry's pollution of the global food supply. They wholeheartedly support our firefighting men and women to get a better wage and job security.

Seize The Day, band members play a variety of instruments including: Voice, Flute, Tin-Whistle, Bouzouki, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Mandolin, Mandola, Cello, Violin, Electric Bass, Hand Drums, Percussion, Didgeridoo and Acoustic Guitars.

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