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Space Goats

Spacegoats originally formed from a convergence of wandering minstrels, on the twenty third anniversary of the Woodstock festival within a Devon crop circle in August 1992.
The idea was to explore what would happen if acoustic music were played inside these strange phenomena.
    What followed was a musical odyssey that accompanied the wave of environmental demonstration and direct action that was the root of the counter-culture in those days.
Though more oriented to psychedelic pagan invocations of this mystic but imperilled earth than more typically politicised groups, the Goats managed to endear themselves, not to everyone, but across a wide scope of activists, children, grandmothers and earthlovers wherever their sonic vessel reverberated.
    Through the nineties Spacegoats played copious festivals, protest sites and actions plus much busking and gigs in England, Ireland and parts of Europe at stone circles, squats, sites, gatherings, campfires and raves. This last category included the anti-criminal justice act Velvet Revolution Tour of England of 1994, the infamous Cooltan of Coldharbour Lane Brixton and such choice parties as Frazer Clarke's Megatripolis, Parallel University, Den of Enlightenment and the nine 24 hour millennium run up parties, ‘The Warp' a festival under the City, featuring Neil Oram's play of that name. Really the sacred and the profane

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